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Gets poo all day err day. He hoe hops keepin his dick fresh on the block. No chick is a challenge for a morsch, all he do is show his sick ass skill on the dj booth or throw down hard on the flo, the girls line UP for a peek at that thing. Morsch has never seen a grenade and hes actually the fourth member ( with Pauly D, the situation, and Vinny) in promoting a grenade free america, hes at the most excludive clubs that you have to be an international model or professional skiing twins to get in.

And then theres Kobe B, the Morsch's side kick, sorta like his main man, kobe does his thing, being black and all, and morsch pops in on his 5 and pick his choice of the myriad waiting. Dude you dont even know...

This marauder isnt out for fun. He does his shit for real. Yea hes huge, he eats fuckin chickin and superpump all day, what do you think helps him in all his gang fights with guns and swords and all sorts of that jackie chan shit. Hes balls deep my man.

Keep a fresh ass eye out for this pimp ass desperado. Prepped in his platinum limeted edition maad loot jordans, ill ass jeans, a crisp beer logoed shit, and them big ass guns. A morsch is in it deep. Hk whaddap, The morsch is rollin through
Morsch read this," "In forbeys magazine...
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by theotisWinebarrel September 13, 2010
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