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possibly astroboy. an anime show that is extremely vital in the history of anime. Astro Boy has been a constant figure in Japan and around the world. basically the first anime show (debatable), and also the first anime show to gain notority worldwide (although speed racer would later come and blow astro boy away with its crazzy ass success). about a robot kid made by some doctor. a mix basically of superman and pinochhio. lots of stuff here. created by Osama Tezaku, the father of anime.
Soaring high in the sky, he may be small but only in size... something something... astro boy!
by thegreatmonkey October 26, 2005

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a person who searches on a search engine for porn or hentai to look at and possibly masturbate to. while google is the most common, many other search engines are used to satisfy their needs, many times search engines which are not used to find pics, i.e. urban dictionary's search engine or newgrounds search engine. the less intended purpose the more perverted.
google pervert: I'm gonna find some pokemon hentai on google!
normal person: my god...
by thegreatmonkey April 30, 2005

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the finger

the bird

a vulgar image which is made by sticking up ones middle finger, meaning "fuck you" or "asshole".
he cut you off? give him the freeway salute!
by thegreatmonkey November 23, 2004

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the name of the diner that the seinfeld crew always went to. While the Tom's was blocked out on the show, it is an actual restaurant found in new york that has amazing business thanks to the show.
Tom's restaurant must have great food if they always went there, right?
by thegreatmonkey November 23, 2004

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a once great and innovative show that has now become stale with terrible jokes.
the simpsons is one of the worst shows on tv now.
by thegreatmonkey November 21, 2004

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