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The best place ever. We use SPRINKLES, not jimmies, we like the yankees/mets, not the eagles, and we like subs, not hoagies.I come from there, trust me, it IS the best place ever. I love it there.
North Jersey owns South Jersey
by Thegreatgeno May 12, 2007
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A fucking awesome town in New Jersey. Fuck what all the surrounding towns say, freehold is fucking awesome.
I used to live in freehold.
by TheGreatGeno July 22, 2007
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What the people in the display pictures are not. At all.
The girls in the display pictures are far from beautiful.
by thegreatgeno December 05, 2007
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Never had a cigarette, most people lose it ages 14 to 16.
Bob: Hey Joe, do you smoke?
Joe: Nah, I'm still a cigarette virgin.
Bob: I lost my cigarette virginity last night.
by Thegreatgeno May 03, 2009
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My hometown, a small town in New jersey, full of Ukrainian + polish people, me being both and proud.
Carteret is a great place to live
by Thegreatgeno May 17, 2007
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When you only wanna be with that person. When you feel incomplete. It can be bad in a few ways though: When you love a certain person and you dont know if they love you back... its a terrible feeling that tears you up inside until you cant take it anymore... but when you tell that person you love them, and they say they love you back, its the absolute best feeling in the world. Believe me, there is no better feeling then seeing for the first time that the person you love loves you back. But the 2nd bad thing is that if they leave you for another person or for other reasons, its the worst, if you really love the person it will be the worst thing ever. You will feel heart broken, and torn apart, you will feel incomplete and terrible, you do not want to go through this, you will eventually recover, but it takes a long time too... not to be confused wish lust
I love you so much Brandi... and i always will
by TheGreatGeno April 21, 2007
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Take 5 faggots, show them how to lip-sync, put them on stage in front of 33287497598437598437 10 year old girls, teach them how to dance like fucking retards, and you got n*sync. also see

syn: faggots pedophiles gays talentless doushe bags
ant: heterosexual talent good music good bands
n*sync is a 5 fag pedophiles who touch themselves at night.
by TheGreatGeno April 22, 2007
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