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A type of dance in which the dancer wears taps on thier feet. Usually on the downbeat of the music and closly related to tap dancing.
Clogger: "man my feet hurt, I just got done clogging and those MJ's are tricky.
by thefairestofthemall October 29, 2008

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1.) a Small town in the middle of no where.

2.) a place where there isn't anything to do.

3.) A place of no hope

4.) A town with nothing but an IGA.
Noun - "OMG...don't go to Frenchburg that place has nothing to do."
Verb - "OMG...they only have an IGA. They are such a Frenchburg!"
by thefairestofthemall November 05, 2008

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1.) A person who is usually someones "cousin" that is extrememly annoying, ditzy and Blonde. Mary is usually a code name for someone else and is used so that people can talk about that person in front of thier face, and they usually don't notice.
Girl #1: "OMG...mary is such a whore."
Girl #2: "I know, right."
Jamie (Mary): O, hey guys, who are you talking about?
Girl #1: "oh, just my cousin Mary from Ohio, not you."
by thefairestofthemall November 05, 2008

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