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An abbreviation of Friday Night Funkin', basically a newgrounds.com version of osu! mania where you "rap" against a kid with a gun, an attractive dad and mom and two spooky friends
"Hey man wanna play some fnf"
"Nah sry it's too hard for me"
by thedecid34 January 05, 2021

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In gaming culture, specifically rocket league, making your opponent think that you will hit the ball, but in reality you just miss like a total noob
TryhardScarab: haha im faking you
LoudOctane: you are just missing
by thedecid34 January 05, 2021

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A cancer tank that should be removed from World of Tanks. You can't even scout properly without getting slapped in the face with an ammo rack. Mostly used by 12 year olds who sleep with their mommy's credit card. Was added back in mid-2016 by greedy Wargaming who wanted more profit
"Let's push up that flank, there is only one tank left"
"It's a full-hp skorpion g, we better wait"
by thedecid34 January 06, 2021

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In gaming, playing a game that you already have experience with from a new account, often making very quick progression and intimidating opponents (not to be confused with hacking)
Brok3nHe4rts: that guy is so good for level 3
Xx_RampageDestroyer69_xX: he must be hacking
ItzAltraz: seems like you guys haven't heard about smurfing
by thedecid34 January 05, 2021

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