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Verb: To eat a very fat dog, ritualisticaly, as a sign of faith.
Noun: A very Chinese Rat
I had fun shwannnBuynaing last night.

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1.During the creation of a crustache, these whispy flowing facial hairs attract dirty goth chicks for a session of rough goth sex. It is considered to be an afrodesiac to the gothic underworld and continues to intrigue researchers.

2. A pussing wound found on the back of the neck of a certain boy.. cough cough
1. Do my nachliebs make you horny?

2. Dude look at the thing on zacks neck...
I think its a nachlieb.
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1) A very foolish, and/or ammusing persona whom preforms tricks to appeal to older men for the eventual selling of boy sex.

2) what you say to people when you want them to leave you the hell alone.
1) goddam I hate those attractive sillywilikins.. but damn good eatins.

2) Hey there sillywilikins GET TEH FUXOR OUT.
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