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The Sensation Sweeping the Nation. The greatest dance ever created. a simple flex by the Great John Wall forever changed our world.

To flex like and move your clenched fist in and out.
trin: you see jack hit that game winner he was john wall'n after he was so happy

ryan: joe only hit that game winner cause i was john wall'n in the back

peter: he was john wall'n to all the songs last night

john wall was john wall'n after makin dude look foolish
by thecommonfiasco February 21, 2010
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morganfreemanesque: to have a voice comparable to, but not quite the same as the magnitude of morgan freeman's.

2. to have a voice that is worthy enough to narrate my life like morgan freeman's.

3. to be God

4. to be like morgan freeman.
guy 1: dude common has a morganfreemanesque voice

guy 2: no doubt...whats morganfreemanesque?

guy 1: you know his voice is like morgan freeman

guy 2: oh yeah like james earl jones
by thecommonfiasco November 08, 2009
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the feeling after eating at Sarkis, in Evanston Illinois. A feeling of joy, happiness, pain, amnesia, heartburn, nausea, and a heart attack all rolled in one.

Also applied to eating any amount of food in large quantities to the point of great pain/joy.
Graham: i got dibs on the cheesy hash

Trin: Dude im still eating it

Graham: sarks is so pro

Trin: i ate so much im havin a sarkattack
by thecommonfiasco January 24, 2010
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Similar to sarkattack Sarkoma is the comatose state one goes into after eating mass quantities of sarkis, or mass quantities of any food.
Trin: i ate so much sarkis i went into a sarkattack

Luke: ...

Trin: oh my god hes gone into sarkoma

Graham: Sarks!
by thecommonfiasco January 24, 2010
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