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The timeless art of tricking your woman while she is layin in bed looking for the remote for the tv. You carefully tell her "here it is" but have your weiner in your hand under the covers so she grabs your boner instead. This is usually performed when the man comes home after drinkin and she is already clearly not in the mood.
I gave my hoebag the aaroncochran last night, she was so pissed she almoast ripped it off!
by thebreeze April 05, 2008
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When your finger gets smashed by an extremely huge and heavy object and the result is an extra inch of finger ( unfortunately after a trip to the ER). It is then in turn quite the lady pleaser!!
Justin: "Dude your finger looks like a dildo ever since u got it smashed"

Aaron: "Yeah isn't it awesome! The girlfriend loves that extra inch."

Justin: " I think im going to smash my finger so I can have a McCildo."

Aaron: " Yeah u should! Trust me she won't be disapointed."
by thebreeze April 08, 2008
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