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A girl or woman who will suck anyones cock, loves to suck cock and will suck cock anywhere
I took out my dick and she started sucking it, she's a total penis leech.
by The7thgeek August 17, 2006

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A vampire obsessed kid who looks and acts emo. Emopires are usually seen with twilight books. These are the "trendy" vampire/emo kids.
Emopires shop at hot topic, also called Vamptards
Guy1: Hey check out that ugly goth girl
Guy2: Thats not a goth girl, thats an emo boy turned vampire, see his twilight novel and fake teeth.
Guy1: Oh hes an emopire

The emopires are texting each other on what black outfit from hot topic to wear to the vampire movie premier
by the7thgeek August 18, 2009

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