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the belief in the existence of all things in all forms and places over all space and time - from thoughts to anti-matter, this system-less, heirarchy-less, leader-less, doctrine-less, rite-less, ritual-less understanding includes all probabilities and possibilities as being probably true and/or absolutely true in any specific point in space and/or time whether physically manifested in atomic structure, organic structure, or completely fabricated in the mind of a sentient creature, but also that any specific probability and/or possibility also may not be true at the same time in the same space and/or at a different time and/or in a different space, as it may or may not be true from another perspective or possibly for any number of other reason(s), and that this also may or may not be true.. not even the nature of truth is suggested. it is up to the perspective to make truth or not, or there could be true truths, a truth, no truth all at the same times in all places and/or in different times in the same places and/or the same times in different places and/or different times in different places, or the perspective can not have truth or one truth or anything at all. Places and times don't even necessarily exist. allism precludes nothing and yet excludes nothing.

Allism is the faith - the ism - in and of literally All.
A:two perspectives perceive the same object (in the same place & time) from 2 different places at the same time and come to two different perspectives (thoughts, opinions, assumptions, random associations,et all) on the object.the object is 2 things at once in their minds, & yet is just 1 thing in physical real space; yet this could not be a reality, but something else, therefore the object and the perspectives could not be real, or the perspectives could be but the reality not, or 1 perspective could believe in the object and thus it is real from that perspective &the other not believe in it and it not be true from that perspective, or viceversa or both or neither, they could both believe in the object and it could be real or it still could not be.That may be the only assumption of allism:that truth is true for you
B:but that truth could be negated by possible real truth.
C:wait, so it's all true?what everyone believes and what's real?!
B:yes, &no.it all could be true & not true
D: :head explodes:
A:it wouldn't be "all things imaginary & real" if it excluded any 1 possibility, would it?
B:so allism doesn't have any truisms?
A:one: "All"
C: "All?"
A:but of course all trueisms, phrases in language that have certain obvious meaning &/or certainty, are all true &/or not true... or some could be true and/or
B:just stop.we get it.go believe whatever you want & enjoy life, &try to leave it better than how you found it.
by the steward of allism November 29, 2011

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