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either oil that restores wood to its natural luster and hardness or a girl that is hot enough to give a guy a boner thus restoring his wood to its natural luster and hardness.
guy1 walks in wearing butt shorts
guy2:"what a wood killer!"
guy1:"assuming you had wood"
a girl in a tube top walks in
guys1and2:"wow who's the teak oil!"
by the situation December 16, 2012
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a pair of jeans in which every teenaged girl owns at least one pair with the soul purpose of making the girl's butt look good. butt jeans are different for every girl's unique figure whether they're extra tight in the right places or have curved seams but they all have the same purpose of making a girl's butt look good. and every girl owns at least one pair of butt jeans
girl1: I like your jeans
girl2: thanks these are my butt jeans
girl1: how the heck does your boyfriend get those off?
by the situation July 15, 2013
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A non-dirty sounding way to refer to oral sex, regarding both males and females, also known as cunnilingus or fellatio.
"I didn't get laid, but she sure gave me one hell of a smoothie"

"He has no clue how to give a decent smoothie."

"Sure, I got some light smooth, but it was not to completion."
by The Situation April 22, 2009
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