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if a guy says it,to a girl it mean "hey your ass looks good"
if a girl say it to a girl it mean "what were you thinking" and if a gril says it to a guy it again mean "nice ass"
sara "hey billy i like your jeans"
billy "thanks"
by smart girl September 09, 2006
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is basically a subtle way to tell someone they are hot. unless you actually do like their jeans, that's okay too.
Girl: I like your jeans.
Guy: Thanks. ;D
Girl: **SWOON**
by Imetaguyatjellsparkandhewashot February 21, 2010
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a usually offensive slang term used by a totally non-hip German teacher (that is actually Danish) to andother totally non-hip or shall i say cool, science teacher name miss Sloan.
The term is now used as a reversal compliment and can easily offend someone if spoken the right way, which is in a deep, smoky Mrs. koler type of talk.
___hey u,i like your jeans.
---hey buddy(angery).. i dont appreciate that slightly offensive term that is in a mrs. Koler voice.. ok?
___no dude.. i really like your jeans.. they are very fashionable
by howdoithinkofthisstuff? March 24, 2005
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