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Same as obvious, but more scene.

First appeared on Ali G many years ago when he would pronounce

obviously - "hobviously"

Since then it has been adopted by scene kids and made famous in the HRCA.

Other terms to stem from include

Hobviously ridiculous
1. scene kid 1: Dereks such a sceneager.
scene kid 2: Hobviously.

2. scene kid 1: i wish i cud be more like ollie, hes so emorgasmic.
scene kid 2: true, he is so hobviously absurdiculous..sigh..im such an emosexual

3. scene kid 1: dont call me a fag just cos i care more about fashion than music.
hXc kid 1: u hobviously want a *ROUNDHOUSE* HA U JUST GOT EMOWNED.
by the rizza April 19, 2006

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To stand bent-over at a desk, continuing to work with one's butt sticking out. Often done to give the illusion of being almost ready to leave.
"Is Tito ready to go to lunch yet?"
"Nah, he's still over there buttdesking."
by The Rizza February 09, 2012

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