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Same as obvious, but more scene.

First appeared on Ali G many years ago when he would pronounce

obviously - "hobviously"

Since then it has been adopted by scene kids and made famous in the HRCA.

Other terms to stem from include

Hobviously ridiculous
1. scene kid 1: Dereks such a sceneager.
scene kid 2: Hobviously.

2. scene kid 1: i wish i cud be more like ollie, hes so emorgasmic.
scene kid 2: true, he is so hobviously such an emosexual

3. scene kid 1: dont call me a fag just cos i care more about fashion than music.
hXc kid 1: u hobviously want a *ROUNDHOUSE* HA U JUST GOT EMOWNED.
by the rizza April 19, 2006
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