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1.what we, as younger children or adults, were afraid of when the light was truned out hence the exesive amount of money wasted on power bills wehn your child turns 3 and insists on having a night light.
2.the man that eats your socks and shoes and favourite underwear you thought you put out inthe wash months ago...
1.child: mother dearest, i am quiet frightened by the boogie man hiding in my closet be a dear and look for me
Mother: now now thier is no such thing as the bo-...
(mother is eaten by the boogie man)
2. child: mom!!! i can find my other black sock? have you seen it?
mother: no!!
by the mouseinator September 02, 2006

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what we are given in health during sex eduction to practise putting condoms onto when we are "old enough" to have sexual intercourse..
teacher: now children open the wrapper and place the tip of the condom frimly on the cucumber make sure you pinch the tip to get rid of air and roll down....
by the mouseinator September 02, 2006

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