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n. It is a challenge in which the participant attempts to masturbate three times in a row. The challenge is quite difficult because in order to achieve it, the participant must overcome guilty penis syndrome and sexual exhaustion . In order for the triple crown to be legitimate, one must do it without the assistance of E.D medications such as Viagra and Cialis. There is no time limit for the challange although it must be done in one sitting and the participant must begin his next stage of masturbation immediately after ejaculating from his previous one.
Dude I was going for the triple crown challenge last night but I couldn't continue after blowing my load the second time.
by the master of many tongues October 09, 2010
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n. pl shlink.ies

A combination of the word schlong and the once popular toy slinky. It is a name given to a small penis often because of its shriveled up appearance. The term is the opposite of a schlong.
Milkman was about to bang that chick at the party but she refused once he unveiled his schlinky.
by the master of many tongues September 23, 2010
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