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CRACK: Crack is actually an impure form of freebase. Procedures for
both substances are based on the fact that while cocaine hydrochloride
is very soluble in water, base cocaine is almost insoluble.
DIRRECTIONS FOR MAKING CRACK: mix 2 parts ok coke HCL for 1 part baking soda in 20 ml of
water. Heat solution gently until white precipitates form, and stop
heating when precipitation stops. Filter and keep precipitate. wash
precipitate once with water (this procedure usually omitted in street
product). Dry 24 hours under heat lamp. Voila. The product is much
less pure (there is lots of baking soda left) but the procedure is
"the only thing that come between me and my niggas is crill and money"

"im feinding for some crill"
by the haay way March 23, 2005
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Invented by a group of potheads in the suburbs of upstate NEW YORK, the word encapsulates the entire phrase 'I need a cigarette' or 'Give me a cigarette'

Not to be used in all situations, only when a cigarette is needed to the point where it is easier to blurt out something as nonsensical as abada than it is to politely ask someone for a cigarette.
"weve been in the car with your parents for 5 hours Johnny, Abada!"
by the haay way March 23, 2005
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