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An increase in the phrase evils. When some one stares at you with such a nasty look; its giving so much evils it's 'giving hitlers'
Guy 1: Dude check out that chicks ass!
Guy 2: watch it man, that's her boyfriend their and hes giving hitlers
by the 456 June 25, 2010

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When you sign into MSN messenger and a person who you don't want to talk to starts chatting to you while appearing offline
Jim; oh thank god Tim isn't online, i owe him some money and it's really awkward now.
Tim (appearing offline); Hey man wheres my money! you said you would pay me by now...
--Jim is offline--
Jim; damn he just MSN Ambushed me
by The 456 May 18, 2010

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To express dismay or shock at the high price of something.
anti Semite one: petrol is at its high price in 3 years
anti Semite two: that's right Jew!
by The 456 April 08, 2010

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In CoD or any other first person shooter when you get shot by or make a excellent sniper shot. It is declared 'some Enemy At The Gates shit' or 'some serious Enemy At The Gates shit'
guy 1; (after being killed by a near impossible sniper shot) Damn! that's some serious Enemy At The Gates shit
ElItESn1PeR23; (over head set) i just pwnd you n00b.

ElItE_Sn1PeR23; (after impossibly killing I_kill_you234) yeah! some Enemy At The Gates shit right there! I_kill_you234; (over head set) ah man fucking camping snipers!
by the 456 April 21, 2010

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Something so weird or strange it could only happen in Asia.
Dude check this random vid of Asian prisoners dancing to MC Hammer
Man, That's So Asian!

This Korean guy married a PILLOW; That's So Asian
by the 456 December 12, 2010

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