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A squish is a "platonic crush" of sorts that is often experienced by aromantic individuals though alloromantics can get squishes,too .

Essentially,a squish is a feeling of intense admiration,respect, and almost familial love that's similar to a crush,but just minus the romantic/sexual parts of a crush.It often comes as a feeling of, "You're such a great person!I want to be your best bud forever."

Sometimes,people will become queer-platonic partners with their squish - this is often quite a nice arrangement for the person,as they can have a deep relationship with their squish that isn't inherently romantic.
Person 1 : Man,can you believe Winter has a squish on them?

Person 2: Really?Man, I can't wait until they become qpps!
by the youngest of doggos March 23, 2017
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