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Scarlet Johannsen gives me some serious pants feelings.

We hadn't hung out in a while, but I kinda got some pants feelings when she gave me a hug.

Clearly an unhealthy relationship dynamic had taken hold, but it didn't affect my pants feelings, and I stuck around for a few more months.
by the wiles September 30, 2013
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Masturbation paraphernalia; apparatus designed for pleasuring oneself. Including, but not limited to: dildos, lube, sex dolls, fleshlight type devices, physical copies of porn etc. Can also refer to items used, but not necessarily designed for, masturbation, such as: hand lotion, kleenex, bananas, zucchini & other phallic produce, detachable shower head, etc.
Brad asked me to grab something outta the drawer in his bed side table. Lotta faparatus in there... lotion, kleenex, the whole nine. I didn't touch anything.

I need a new pipe, but really don't wanna go in that headshop with all the kinky faparatus. Dildos shouldn't be by the register, it's just awkward.

Well, I could attempt online dating, or just invest in some nice faparatus.
by the wiles December 21, 2013
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a play on words using a man with very small hands' (Donald Trump) original surname, Drumpf, & the common insult "dumbfuck," which typifies the average Trump supporter's complete lack of capacity for abstract or critical thought.
Good god, did you see the drumpfuck with white power tattoos claiming not to be racist?"

"Never underestimate the stupidity of drumpfucks in large groups."

"Behold the legions of drumpfucks, heralding the beginning of the end of Western Civilization. We had a good run, I guess."

"Ah I remember when the film Idiocracy was satire & not prophetic... damn drumpfucks... All hail the prophet Mike Judge."
by the wiles March 21, 2016
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