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The day, usually occuring once or twice a year, associated with bad luck. However, it is well known that doing a wake and bake causes one's fortunes to turn around.
Person 1: Friday the 13th is usually a shithole of a day
Person 2: Ya, unless you wake and bake
by the finisher June 16, 2008

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1. A group of people huddled together in an airtight formation to avoid wind or cold when attempting to light a joint, pipe or bong. Noun

2. The act of creating a stoner hug. Verb
1. Shit, even with the stoner hug we can't light it.

2. Man, it was so windy, Johnny had to stoner hug me.
by the finisher May 29, 2008

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To not finish an activity, namely of a sexual nature, such as a blow job or hand job.
Oh man, this girl was giving me head but then she pulled a judges.

To pull a judges is to not let a guy bust a nut
by the finisher May 29, 2008

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1. a BJ or HJ that does not get finished, named after the initials of M. Judges. See also to pull a judges.
"-Did she give you a BJ?"
"-No man, I only got a MJ. It was hella bunk."
by the finisher May 31, 2008

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