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When a girl is laying on the bed naked with her mouth wide open, and you jump all the way from the doorway and slam-dunk your balls in her mouth and you say "Air Jordan, bitch!"
Man, last night I brought that dirtleg home, and I said hey, just lay there on the bed with your mouth open, and she said why? And I was like you'll see, just do it. so she did and I pulled a fucking Air Jordan.
by the bombastic blumptastic April 29, 2003

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the scientific study of the art of:
a. giving blumpkins
b. recieving blumpkins
Karl studied hard for eight years and he finaly got his license in blumpkinesiology. His next goal was to become a Bill Bellamysologist.
by the bombastic blumptastic May 01, 2003

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the most blatantly homosexual city there is.
Q: How many straight guys in San Francisco does it take to screw in a light bulb?

A: Both of them
by The Bombastic Blumptastic May 26, 2003

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