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a term for pounding fists, especially if done thru a window. Window love can also be given across distances by performing the motion towards each other. It is usually done as a greeting, goodbye, celebration, or an act of solidarity. \
Taken from the jail visit scenes in the movie "Half Baked", where they give each other window love thru the glass pane that seperates prisoners from their visitors.
"Damn, you cheesecaked that shit. I need some window love on that one."
*pound fists*
by the Pro Sto October 25, 2007

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To hit a bong so hard that you can't see through the smoke in the chamber.
The thick smoke is said to resemble cheesecake.
"That was a huge hit, you really cheesecaked that bong."
by the Pro Sto October 26, 2007

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