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-asking if she wants to ride you.

-asking if she wants to ride your penis / dick / cock / etc..
Guy: Hey, want to ride?
Girl: ummm I barely know you... but sure
by that_unicorndud May 27, 2018

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Taylor is an amazing woman who can make anyone laugh, doesn't matter if they are sad, mad, happy or any other emotion, she will make you laugh and smile, she is also extremely intelligent and capable of so much. Taylor is secretly a naughty, kinky, not so innocent woman, even if she says she is, she's not. Keep Taylor in your life, she is an outstanding individual.
Bob: Taylor, you are a kinky little fuck
Taylor: pffff no, I'm an angel
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by that_unicorndud June 11, 2018

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- one fourth of an ounce of weed, the green, the gas, the sticky shit, the good shit.
Ex 1:
Brian: hey can I get 1/4

Alex: sure no prob, $50

Brian: thank you meet me at the gas station.

Ex 2:
The average sale is usually one ounce(or more) but sometime you are broke so you buy 1/4 of an ounce.
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by that_unicorndud May 31, 2018

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