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a dumbfuck who thinks he's got the whole world figured out and thinks he's smarter and better than everyone else. he says he's not self-centered, but all he does is talk about himself and his fucked up life...he is absolutely full of shit
yeah thats right, i called you frisbielicious...what have you been doing all day? sitting at your computer? playing with twinkles?
by that hottie ova there >>> July 07, 2004
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the dopest movie ever. too bad its not scary. horse meat rocks! check it out. samara is also cool. she is da shizznit.
Samara is my friend. so is vance. everyone loves samara and vampire vance!
by that hottie ova there >>> June 19, 2003
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we all love HORSE MEAT you should try MOOMEAT it is good too.
Samara visited me this weekend. but she left early since my room was too bright and dry for her taste. she prefers the well instead.
by that hottie ova there >>> June 18, 2003
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