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fifteen and sixteen year old girls everywhere swoon over her bc she is sooooooo gorgeous and talented. They love and support her with all their hearts. Watch out boys, bc loving sophia lillis is queer girl culture. She is a majestic sunflower and i love her and i bet you do too.
A: "Oh my God have you seen IT?"
B: "Yess! Sophia Lillis is such a talented actress and everyone loves her. I also may have a crush on her, oops.'
A: "Me too! She deserves everything in the world and must be protected at all costs."
*Gorgeous by Taylor Swift plays*
by thanks! February 3, 2018
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when you are desperate for a relationship your mind just screams "date me pls" at everyone that looks you in the eye (and then some that don't).
Taylor: Wow there are so many attractive people here, i wish i was in a relationship
Cutie: Hi! I like your shirt
Taylor: I like your face
Cutie: what
Taylor: *internally* date me plssssssssss
Cutie: ?
Taylor: what
*disappears into the oblivion*
by thanks! February 3, 2018
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she is so gorgeous that you can't say anything to her face. you don't look at her directly as if she were the sun. she enjoys things you find interesting, yet you have a hard time talking to her. she bumps into you, you say sorry, but she keeps walking and you're left feeling a bit disappointed. she's smart, funny, and has an edge but also looks so soft that you want to swim in her eyes and braid her hair. you yearn for her touch, but you've hardly spoken to her all year. if you do talk to her, you can't tell where her heart lies. you ask yourself how you can determine if she likes you. you never will know unless you ask, thus you perish.
you: oh my god the girl in my english class is so gorgeous i can't anything to her face, 'cause look at that face
friend: lol dude just talk to her
you: ok but that requires words coming out of my lips to form coherent sentences
friend: it's not that hard, look here she comes
you: guess i'll die
friend: then perish
by thanks! February 3, 2018
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