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A term used by white teenagers in the U.S. to denote a secret order of basketball, kool-aid, fried chicken, and stolen tv loving people. It is often abbreviated as SBGC
Person 1: Hey did you see Colin today?

Person 2: No i think he's at the Secret Black Guy Club meeting.
by th3lawmak3r76 August 27, 2012

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A term used by males to describe a girl who is ugly yet many other males still continue to have sex with her
Guy 1: Guess who I just banged?

Guy 2: Uhh Rachel?

Guy 1: No! I did it with Tiffany

Guy 2: That muffy chick?..... I'd bang her too.
by Th3lawmak3r76 October 03, 2012

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feverishly masturbating while making a turkey dinner
Brother 1: Why'd it take dad so long making dinner tonight?

Brother 2: Oh you know dad he's always choking the turkey.
by th3lawmak3r76 August 10, 2012

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