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A competitive sport in a 3D sandbox indie game called Minecraft. Gameplay consists of removing floor blocks from a stadium to make other players fall through the floor. The last player standing is declared the winner. After the game the floor is filled back in and the players compete again. Spleef is played in a specialized "Spleef Arena" composed of the main Spleef floor, a viewing area, and a lower floor to catch losers. The name is a pun on the word Grief, as the players resemble Griefers trying to make the other players fall through a floor.
Oh man, that last round of Spleef was intense!
by Tekwerk September 02, 2010
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Going into the woods, and supplies/weapons with which one would go into the woods.

Can mean many things, whether it be going into the woods for some plinking or to survive the apocalypse. When you wanna shoot your Inna Woods SKS or if SHTF you know where you'll be.
Yo dude, SHTF and I've got a Inna Woods party up, you in?
by tekwerk January 18, 2011
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To purposely mention and point out a distracting cliche in your work, and then to move on like nothing happened. Used to have the audience of your work be less likely to murder you for using the cliche.
"Writer: 'The world was overrun by vampire robot zombies, what else would it be? Anyways the vampire robot zombies were defeated by a guy with a whole bunch of guns, silver bullets too. And a garlic flavored wooden stake Electromagnetic Pulse antivirus firing machine. Seriously that made it so easy. Anyways yeah there were a bunch of explosions. Fuck yeah!'

Reader: What a Lampshade Hanging sunufabitch. It's funny because he pointed it out."
by Tekwerk September 05, 2010
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RPG/MMO shorthand for potion.
'Hey dude, do you think we're gonna need a healer?'

'Nah man it's OK, I've got at least fifty HP pots for you guys.'
by tekwerk November 11, 2012
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