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A derivitive of the word muppet or mupp for a dim person. Similar to chimmer.
James is a proper muppstink!
by tboy April 19, 2005

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1. A kebab of lesser glory, be it chicken , seekh or doner. If it does not meet your expectations of taste and/or appearance.

2. The repeated effected noticed the day after a spicy, eastern sandwich. Usually resulting in the effect of sitting on a tube of Deep Heat.

3. A theme restaurant that serves halal meat sandwiches accompanied by the music and surroundings of Anni-Frid, Agnetha, Bjorn and Benny.
1. Don't get one from that place, they're kebabba.

2. I wouldn't go in there, I've had a kebabba.

3. Gimme, gimme, gimme a naan after midnight!
by tboy September 01, 2004

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The action of hip movement with or without a sexual partner mimicking the act of intercourse. NOTE - Can be applied to animals.
Dog's at it again, thrutching my leg last night.
by Tboy June 03, 2005

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