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term used my World of Warcrafter's refering to their WoW-hating bitch. These players often play without permission from their wife or girlfriend, knowing that they would be cut off of sex if caught in game. The term is used to tell fellow WoWers that your wife/girlfriend is now home and you can't play anymore.
Warrior:"Awesome we have a full group to run UD STRAT, lets get going!"
Pally:"Wicked... I have been waiting all day for this"
Mage:"Awww sorry guys, I have to go"
Pally:"WTF NOOB! you can't start a group and QUIT!!!"
Mage:"I'm really sorry"
Pally:"Why you have to leave you NOOB?"
Mage:"Wife aggro"
Pally:"Aw shit dude, my bad, understandable"
Priest:"Cya Mage... goodluck"
Warrior:"GL Mage"

(LookingForGroup)Pally: LF1m UD STRAT (mage please) PST
by tayfromthebay July 26, 2006
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"The flap of vag that extrudes from the lips. Thus giving the illusion of a roast beef sandwich. Thick beef or shaved, either way "bon appetit"
Adam: "Hey Leeroy, wanna get some lunch?"
Leeroy: "Nah man, had some nasty roast beef sandwich lastnight"
Adam: "Hanging with my sis again"
Leeroy: "Yeah!"
by tayfromthebay July 25, 2006
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The studying of four logics. In this new age, studying only one logic just isn't enough. Also a fancy way of doing nothing that sounds like a lot. Can be used to Impress the opposite sex.
Hottie girl says: "Hey, what do you guys do for living?"
Guy #1 says: "I'm a doctor"
Hottie girl says: "Typical!"
Hottie girl says: "What about you guy #2?"
Guy #1 says: "oh, i'm a Quadrologicalist, studying the power of Quadrologicology"
Hottie girl says: "Ooooohhhh, take me NOW!"
by tayfromthebay July 26, 2006
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