4 definitions by tanthewamen

Expressing anger through name calling, combining the words sack and bastard. Sack, representing testicle and tard, a short term for bastard.
That guy acted like a total sacktard!
by tanthewamen June 20, 2019
Someone who looks like a rat and bahs like a sheep. Combining the term rat and the noise bah making Ratbah. Usually for name calling someone who talks high pitched and laughs obnoxiously.
by tanthewamen June 24, 2019
Nickname for the guy who has the power of a Tylenol bottle extra strength, 500mg. Depending on how lit this person gets, multiply that shit. It can become 2 pills, 1000mg. Elon musk.
Damn bro you so lit like a tylenol bottle 500mg! You snaked that entire line of cocaine? Holy fuck bro you like 1000mg!!
by tanthewamen December 22, 2019
The term broski but for women. Mixing the term breast and bro together to achieve breski. Usually the term is used for name-calling in a casual way, however, sometimes used to confirm someone as their best friend.
by tanthewamen June 23, 2019