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It means you can computer, which is apparently, a rare skill. Most of the sht you can do any Joe schmoe can do but is too lazy or is below 90 IQ to know how to do. so not being absolutely retarded when it comes to computers magically makes you a computer wiZZard and a no life nerd that knows everything about puters and not just because you don't think computers are of satan and you have been using them most of your life.
My computer is broken (because it is full of malware, bloatware, and sht because I am a total idiot who can't stop downloading random sht from shady sites, and don't know how to reinstall windows, what the vast majority of my"tech" friends do anyway.) let me just call up my technically inclined nErd friend, he will fix it like majick.
by tanman654 March 26, 2018

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