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A squatch is a Native Canadian Indian, usually seen with a large slurpee in one hand and a bag of chips in the other, often heard to be whining about land claims while spending his or her welfare cheques on cheap beer, cigarettes and crack or meth.

The most annoying sub-species can be seen wearing a disguise behind an illegal blockade, playing to the liberal media, jabbering nonsense about "heritage" and "ancestral land", all the while benefiting from his parasitic relationship to white people who pay the taxes to keep him in beer and smokes, while trafficking in poached wildlife or fish fraudulently harvested on a tribal hunting/fishing permit. (of course squatches prefer frito lays and coke to anything they can kill on a traditional food-gathering permit)
Squatch dialect sounds like this...."Fuck you whitey... this is OUR land...the CBC told me so anyway....hey, gimme a smoke eh?.... hey, wanna buy some sockeye...meet me behing the bar eh?"
by superwhitey August 10, 2006
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