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when your lust prevents you from seeing the true conciquences of your actions. to you who you are lusting for will always be pretty rad
erin --> "look at my boyfriend aint he a keeper"
other gal --> "no"
erin --> "well i thought so"
other gal --> "wow you got your lust goggles on"
by superstar161156 November 20, 2010

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when a person usually Canadian.... goes absolutely nuts due to the overwhelming amounts of snow....
Daughter - Mom whats wrong?

Mom - I am having a total snowverload
by SuperStar161156 July 17, 2009

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The generally more classy area of Thunder Bay
while classy is not proper termonolgy for anything Thunder Bay, if you arnt into old houses and poor quality air you most likely live in Port Arthur. Port Arthur is known for the hospital, plethura of schools, and generally italian nature, also the vast area of locally owned cultural and household stores and buisnesses.
guy 1 - have you been to the hoitio lately?
guy 2 - no where is that?
Port Arthur duh! you must be from westfort but yeah i went the other day, the finn pancakes are so good then i walked to the loop and finnports.
guy 1 - nice, i should hit that up
by Superstar161156 February 19, 2011

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Ripple Chips.. as a good friend of myn once referred to as Badunkadunk Chips due to there bumpy texture and look... the go up and down.. Badunkadunk...
Hey. what are you eating

omg I am eating BaDunkadunk chips>
by SuperStar161156 July 18, 2009

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