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Someone whos the most beautiful person and the world, and super sexy. The ones who can get every man they want. Such as,
Marilyn Monroe
Kim Kardashian
Bar Refael
Jasmine Fiore
by supersexyirishgurl June 10, 2011
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When parents harm their children by giving them what they want. Or when they have a lot of privileges and parents go out of their way to make them happy, and put in their blood sweat and tears for them, and they don't even appreciate it. It isn't a bad thing to buy your children 5 pairs of shirt and 5 pairs of pants and 3 dresses that all come from pricey stores. It better than sending them to school looking like a poor little girl who's living in poverty or bum. But they should appreciated that you would buy them decent clothes. When you pay the fortune on their private school, buy them nice clothes, never let them do anything that is bad judgement, get along well with their good looking boyfriend and glad they are happy. And they still go around talking about how bad their parents are and make them out to be losers. And act like they are jealous of them.

It mean they act like brats because they get too many privileges or their parents are too good to them.
Spoiled brats
by supersexyirishgurl June 10, 2011
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