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Is a ethical slang word referrring to black colored skin people, as I've known it for many of my years. In our hispanic culture, it been reference to black colored skin people and we called them "negros" mostly. When we said "negro", we knew who we were referring to. There wasn't any disrespect meant just a reference amongst us hispanics.

The "nigger" spin-off title was possibly extracted from the spanish word "negro" to "nigger" and then to "nigga" as time has pasted.

But I do believe one thing: Some black people have been their own worst enemy and self-destructive to their own race. Rather for some to progress upwards, some of them are going backwards in time, all on their own. The self- denying of an education only leads to disaster in the long run. There is not going to be a "free lunch" for any one ethinic race in America for ever. American citizens will tired out as money dries up.

God Save America and its people.
negro = black skinned person
nigger = slang word for "negro"
by stunningone September 14, 2010

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Phone Stalking is the continious non-stop, relentless phone calling to the same phone number determined to get the other person to pick up.
Man.... last night, her phone stalking me for over an hour really got to me, but I didn't want to talk to her and didn't answer her call.
by stunningone September 16, 2010

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