11 definitions by strongbad

n: The fledglings of a master pimp. One who is a pimp trainee, or pimp apprentice. After succesful training, one may become a true pimp
-My pimperschnaps bess represent ma bitchez up in da hoood.

-Ma pimperschnaps be failin wif flying colors.

by strongbad February 09, 2003
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v: To be gotarded.
n: One who is a gotard. An extremely retarded moron that tries to be smart
-Look what you did to my monkey, you gotard!

-What are you, some kind of gotard?

-Rush Limbaugh
by strongbad February 09, 2003
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little pieces of trash that get on your nerves; crumbs
Man, go sweep that frust up of the floor.
by strongbad April 03, 2003
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Drunk Ahriman Corps gamer who likes porn, Guinness, and bouncy things.
I pulled an AC_Irish last night and am hung over and chaffed
by strongbad December 09, 2004
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the word that means kyle owns corey.. =O
corey walked down the street and steped on a landmine. kyle yells *IMMOTUS*
by strongbad March 17, 2004
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The most awesomeest website if ever there was one.Mostley recognized for the extreme hottie, Strongbad.
Homestarrunner has made the papers!
by strongbad September 12, 2003
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The text editor with which the Angels in Heaven code C.

It is small, fast, and has hundreds of time-saving features. Best of all, it doesn't ship with an annoying paper-clip that tries to tell you what to do.

vi has a steep learning curve that keeps MS using morons far away, but there is a Wintel port so that true Geeks can feel at home if the must be on an M$ box.
MS Word? Notepad? What are those? I only have time to vi.
by strongbad March 08, 2005
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