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A remarkably non-toxic substance used to explore an alternate consciousness. in other words, it's not so much about "getting high" as it is about seeing the importance in the normally mundane, and being able to make connections and notice more than you ever thought possible. Picture your mind as a half opened eye, marijuana opens that eye fully, if only for a limited time. No it will not kill you, and no it is not a gateway drug. let's apply the gateway drug to something else, shall we? would you say that masturbation leads to the act of rape? would you say that riding a tricycle when you are young leads to joining a motorcycle gang? it seems absurd when the gateway drug "logic" is applied to other situations.
Responsible user number 1: care for some marijuana
Responsible user number 2: Oh no thanks, I have work to do today, but some other time definitely.


Responsible user number 1: care for some marijuana?
Responsible user number 2: Well, I have nothing that needs to be taken care of today, lets toke up.
by straightfire December 27, 2011
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