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Is geek speak for very good.
"hey guess what geek boy, my hard drive is bigger than yours"

"awesome force"
by stiff peeda September 11, 2008
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When 2 men ejaculate into a woman's ears, one ear each, leaving a large reservoir of ejaculate in each ear. Some of the semen will then run down her cheeks giving the impression that she is wearing a pair of the white headphones popularised by the Apple iPod.
This bird is well mucky, we gave her the iPod ears and she loved it.
by stiff peeda February 19, 2010
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To fall over.

(A colloquialism spoken in Scunthorpe)

"hey be carefull you don't come a cunt on that slippery ice"

"oh man, I was walking past some hot chicks and came a cunt, they all laughed"

"look at the bruise on my head, I came a cunt on the way to work and banged it"
by stiff peeda February 25, 2009
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Post ejaculation trauma.

The period of intense regret a guy aften feels immediately after ejaculation. It's intensity depends upon what he was fantasising about / fucking / watching immediately prior to ejaculation.
1. "I was jacking off to some hardcore GGG bukakke porn but as soon as I came the PET kicked in big time, that shit is disguisting"

2. "Hey did you nail that fat chick last night, you seemed to be well into her?"

"Yeah I was, but had instant PET and had to get out of there, she was rank"
by stiff peeda February 17, 2009
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