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People who are paid such a low income they will only be able to afford to keep themselves alive just to keep working.

99.9% of the population.

People who work their lives away for the benefit of others, mainly the elitist reptilian scum.
Did you hear Toby just got a job at Walmart, hes a certified ecoslave now.
by stickittodamon November 22, 2010

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A very subtle form of slavery that goes nearly undetected by the masses, yet affects everyone. The ecoslave masters, who names are virtually unknown, have convinced the world to work for practically nothing while they are the sole beneficiaries. They have given very minimal authority and money to the scum in washington so they feel as if they do something, or are important. All the while convincing the ecoslaves they actually elect these people, aka ecoslave drivers.
3rd rock from the sun in the ecoslave galaxy.

your life is an example of ecoslavery.
by stickittodamon November 22, 2010

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