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txt otherwise known as tomorrow by together, the saviours of the 4th gen along with other notable groups ateez and itzy.
"who are the 4th gen leaders?"
"TXT ofc! they outsold your faves, but ateez and itzy are also leader worthy"
"omg yes bsf stan txt"
by stfuandstantxt July 25, 2021
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TXT or Tommorow By Together is a 5 member South Korean Boy group formed under BigHit Entertainment, members include Yeonjun, Soobin, Beomgyu, Taehyun and Hueningkai. Their fandom, MOA like to think of them as 5 crackheads, although they look polite and calm they are not.
"do you know TXT"
"Yes I do who is your bias?"
"I don't have a bias it is to hard to choose so I am ot5 biased"
by stfuandstantxt December 14, 2020
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a kpop stan tiktok account that posts the weirdest things including in the night garden characters dancing to kpop songs
"do you know stfuandstantxt?"
"ok remember to stfuandstantxt"
by stfuandstantxt December 14, 2020
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