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1) out of a group of siblings, the kid who is clearly liked the least, especially by the parents
2) the worst flavor of gumball, usually some vile combination of banana and lemon, that everyone tries to avoid
kid 1: did you hear Bethany's brother got an iPhone 5 AND a jetski for his tenth birthday?
kid 2: what? Bethany doesn't even have a Razor--and she's graduating!
kid 1: i know, she's definitely the yellow gumball.

kid 1: ooh, what flavor did you get?
kid 2 (dejectedly): yellow.
kid 1: oh. gross.
by stephendragon June 12, 2014

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The ultimate McDonalds order.
Attractive McDonalds worker: Can I take your order?
Brave customer: One McFuckme, please.
Attractive McDonalds worker: *hold my earrings*

Not to be confused with mcgangbang
Not served on the dollar menu
by stephendragon June 12, 2014

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the act of liking a picture or post on facebook, twitter, instagram ect. that is more than two years old, thus outwardly revealing your inner stalkeresque tendencies.
i think jess might be stalking me.

she favorited three of my facebook pics.
they're from like 2007.
ah, classic deepfave.
by stephendragon June 12, 2014

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When morning-after pancakes just won't do it.

A waffle with a morning after pill slipped into it, usually served to your partner after a night of crazy sex during which you thought your wore a condom until you found your only one, still unused, in your wallet.
Anxious teenage boy: Dammit, I don't think I wore a condom and she doesn't like pancakes!
Anxious teenage boy's besticle: Don't sweat it bro, just make morning-after waffles!
by stephendragon June 12, 2014

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