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February 14th, basically the same as Valentine's Day. Boyfriends and girlfriends (as well as husbands and wives) are more lovey-dovey towards each other and single people are very well reminded by this that they don't have a boyfriend/girlfriend. Either way, if you're single and not loving it or single and perfectly okay with it, VALENTINE'S DAY = SINGLE AWARENESS DAY.
Girl in a Relationship: "Happy Valentine's Day. My boyfriend and I are going to this big Valentine's Day party at his house and a bunch of other couples will be there too. You want to come?"

Unhappily Single Person: "I can't...I don't have a boyfriend like all my other friends." (walks away feeling left out)

Girl in a Relationship: "Happy Valentine's Day! What are you doing? My boyfriend and I will be going out to eat tonight...it's going to be great!"

Happily Single Person: "Well that sounds great! My friends and I will be going out to eat tonight...we're all single and okay with it!"

(at dinner)
Person in a Relationship (to her boyfriend): "I love you so much and I want to spend the rest of my life with you forever and ever!"

Single Person (to her girlfriends): "Happy Single Awareness Day!"
by st_clair59 October 29, 2009
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The 14th of February, the day where people celebrate love. One of those "holidays" that helps the stores to make more money off of cards, roses, chocolate, etc.

Also...If you have a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife, then good for you. If you're single (especially if you're single and not loving it) then it's a day in which couples just rub their whole relationship thing in your face. Basically lets single people know very well they don't have a boyfriend/girlfriend (as if they don't know that already).

See Single Awareness Day.
Shannon: "Oh my gosh, Trent and I have been dating for like almost half a year now, and we plan to go out to eat for Valentine's Day!"

Me: "At least you HAVE a boyfriend to spend Valentine's Day with..."
by st_clair59 October 29, 2009
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