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Trick or treating is when you go from car to car, or house to house at any month of the year and steal what ever you can. Since you're going to be going in their neighbours car there is no forced entry in trick or treating due to the sound factor (you can do it if you're quite). Unlike on halloween the best time is later at night when everyone's sleeping.
hey man you wanna go trick or treating tonight?

yeah, i'll bring the screw drivers and exacto knife for the decks
by sqaz November 17, 2006

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Dope you smoke after supper.
Man hurry up and eat that shit then we can have some tobatos.
sounds like toe-bait-o's
by Sqaz August 23, 2005

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It's the word that can be a substitute any other word.
Like in the game "Scrabble" where they have the blank letter, tinklesquiz'em is the blank word. It doesn't have to make sence.
Holy tinklesquiz'em that's a crazy tinklesquiz'em over there.
by Sqaz November 27, 2004

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