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a breed of cross-dressing salmon that now go by the name "ella". despite their proper upbringing as male salmon, they now prefer that you refer to them as Salmonella.
chuck: "check it out dude i caught a SALMONELLA!"
bob: "how the flying shit did you do that chuck?!"
chuck: "easy, fished in the sluttiest part of the reef. ;)"
bob: "niiiice, high five man!"

Lief Erickson: "Tharr she blows! Give me the net and let me catch some of this grade A salmonella. hinguh dinguh durrhen!"
by spankycookie November 01, 2010
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a unique combination of two awesome people chosen by the universe to see the one and only seafaring unicorn that has the ability to jet-ski through the mountains and is in command of both land and sea elements. no one besides the chosen "katolas" can see such a creature, and thus stir up some jealousy from other parties who do not have such a privilege.
Bob: "yo, KATOLAS, what exactly does a seafaring unicorn look like, anyways?"

KATOLAS: "if we told you, we'd have to kill you."
by spankycookie September 28, 2010
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