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Describes a period of time when a friend is un-contactable due to being loved up with/holed up with/obsessed with a new boyfriend. Person becomes as isolated and uncontactable as if they were on a desert island.
'Have you heard from Kayley?'
'Nope, she's on boyfriend island. She's not calling anyone back. Totally out of the loop'.
by sophiesmith June 19, 2010
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An extreme sect of the paleo diet. Paleohardcore followers include foods in their diet that our ancestors may have eaten such as raw lizard head, live insects or seaweed straight off the beach. Paleohardcore aims to offset the self-centred and boring nature of the Paleo diet through promoting the consumption of foods that are at least entertaining to hear about if you really must bang on about what you've eaten.
That raw squashed Bondi lizard is paleohardcore. I am going to serve it with grass from the side of the road so it will have no carbon footprint at all.
by sophiesmith May 10, 2015
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