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Creamy vagina. The sight of a womans vagina after sexual intercourse and cum is flowing out from the center.
I would not want a bite of that Little Debbie!
by soonerborntwerp October 18, 2012
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Wet spot left behind on a surface made by a sitting naked woman usually after sexual intercourse.
Hey bitch, you left a pussy stamp on my couch!!!
by soonerborntwerp October 18, 2012
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Term used for an extremly hot woman from the state of Wisconsin.
Yo man that girl I met on my trip to Wisconsin was cheddar bomb.
by soonerborntwerp October 18, 2012
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Quality of superfans of the University of Oklahoma. People who possess this quality should be born in the state of Oklahoma or born of parents or a parent that attended the University of Oklahoma, and have always been a fan of the University of Oklahoma Sooners from the time they first laid eyes it.
Sooner Born Sooner Bred and when I die I will be Sooner Dead!
by soonerborntwerp October 19, 2012
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