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The phrase main oke cannot be summed up in 1 word. It is a collection of qualities:

1. The word 'boy' must be used at least 3 times per sentence. Boy can also be used in the place of a full stop.
2. Must wear a V neck t shirt, even in winter.
3. Has to sit at a table no matter what, be it on the jol or even when in the shower.
4. At all times must walk around with a bottle on the jol. It must appear to an independent 3rd party as if the bottle was an extension of the arm.
5. Must be able to lift heavy. This will intimidate his opponents in the gym and make the hot chicks there stare at him and he will be able to lift 15% heavier weights from the confidence boost it gave him.
6. After each set must throw his weights down at the gym so everyone can hear how much he was lifting. If not enough attention was obtained, repeat the throwing motion until satisfied.
7. Must be able to cause a fight and shout loudly in the background while his mates sort it out. (Being the friend of a main oke requires you to pretend to hold him back and listen to his story after how we would’ve knocked the pencil out with 1 punch)
8. Must always come right when out and brag about it
"boy last night i smashed 3 chicks boy, didnt even get their names boy"........ what a main oke
by sooks May 06, 2013

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A bnlHA is a unique key stroke that can only be achieved by the most reatarded people.
So what's your Unreal Tournament nick? bnlHA
by Sooks August 07, 2003

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