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popular 70s punk rock band... and a note to definition 16: Billie fucking Joe Armstrong killed punk, he even said so. (btw i like green day so no one take the quote seriously even though its real)
"Punk rock's dead, and I fucking killed it." - Billie Joe Armstrong, Green Day
by some freak April 09, 2005

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As Mike Dirnt (Green Day) so eloquently put it, "I'll always remember 1994 as the year that... ate shit."
OJ, Friends, Dookie, Kurt Cobain, Woodstock of '94
by some freak March 31, 2005

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She is the height of awesomeness. All of you little teenies out there who think Billie Joe will divorce her so he can fuck you are just completely pathetic. She is absolutely beautiful, kind, charming, and part of a wonderful family. Her children are Joseph and Jakob.
In case you didn't know, Billie Joe nicknamed her Adie, or 80, and is seen in the Green Day song "80", but that's a personal thing.
by some freak April 01, 2005

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A government organization dedicated to censorship. Right-wingers are stereotyped as loving the FCC, while left-wingers hate it.
"Aw shit! God damn! Aw shit! Ah fuck! Ah fucking shit fuck shit fuck! Stick that up your ass, FCC! " -Billie Joe Armstrong
by some freak April 09, 2005

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