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1. (n) The most effective device for smoking marijuana known to humans. The standard waterfall consists of a Gatorade bottle with a circular hole burnt at the cusp of its base, and a tin foil bowl built into the bottle's belonging cap, constructed to hold 0.1-0.2g of marijuana (1 "wat"). It is used by first holding the carb and then proceeding to fill the bottle with water. Once filled, the cap (filled) is to be twisted on and the smoker, after first igniting his lighter immediately above the bowl, is to release the carb and drain the entirety of the bottle into a designated water-collecting source. Following drainage, the smoker is to promptly re-cover the carb and proceed to untwist the cap. Immediately upon cap removal he is to cover the whole with his mouth, release the carb, and inhale the whole of the chamber. The breath is to be held long enough for the exhale to be barely to not visible. If used properly, it is the only known device that yields 100% of smoke for the user's consumption. Furthermore, it is the instrument with the optimum output high as it is simultaneously the instrument that requires the least input nug.

Standard consumption:
Wat - 1 wat
Half - 2 wats
3 Quarters - 3 wats
Full Game - 4 wats (you'll be on your bum-bum)

Now you know the method of the gods.
1. (n) - "And God said, 'Show them the way of the waterfall bong.' And I trembled and said to him, 'Lord, y-you mean to trust me with the sword of the heavens?'

2. (v) - My college philosophy professor asked me to prove to her that less really was more, so I ripped a wat in her stupid pregnant face.
by solofront February 23, 2011

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